The cooperative as a follow-up model for small and medium-sized enterprises

In their article, Prof. Dr. Franco Taisch, Tizian Troxler and Dr. Ingrid D’Inca-Keller present the cooperative form as a successor model of small and medium enterprises.

In business succession’s concepts is the cooperative form of enterprise still hardly considered, although several successful practice cases are known. The
present article will, proceeding from the distinguishing features of a cooperative under the Swiss Code of Obligations, theoretically show constellations
in favour of the cooperative form of enterprise as a succession option for a company.

Taisch/Troxler/D’Incà-Keller, Die Genossenschaft als Nachfolgemodell bei Klein- und Mittelunternehmungen in der Schweiz, in: Zeitschrift für das gesamte Genossenschaftswesen 1/2014, S. 3-18, Stuttgart 2014

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