Analysis of the Corporate Sphere of Activity for Cooperative Enterprises

Since the entry into force of the law on cooperative societies, cooperative enterprises have carried out a strong development in practice, and have in the context of the current value change in society and economy a remarkable potential as a real alternative to a stock corporation. The use of this potential depends mainly on its legal and regulatory framework, which support the current development of cooperatives and cooperative unions adequately.

The research team, consisting of Prof. (FH) Dr. Alexander Jungmeister, Dr. Nadja Fabrizio, Selin Schmid, Irena Kostovic, Theresa Ruppel and Aimi Thi, examined the historical development of cooperatives in Switzerland (desk research) and analyzed today’s market positioning and starting position of cooperatives. The results could now be presented in a final report.

Taisch/Jungmeister/Fabrizio/D’Inca- Keller, Analyse der gesellschaftsrechtlichen Handlungsfelder für Genossenschaftsunternehmen, Schlussbericht, Universität Luzern IFU | BLI, 2014.

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