The Cooperative DNA as a Basis for Growth and Differentiation Strategies

In their contribution to the commemorative publication for the 60th birthday of Prof. Dr. Johann Brazda, the authors Alexander Jungmeister and Franco Taisch explain the current challenges for cooperative enterprises.

The analysis points out the potentials of the cooperative legal form and its differentiation strategies. The aim is to encourage innovation and the establishment of new cooperative enterprises, for example by reducing the minimum number of members. The identified potentials of cooperative enterprises should be actively addressed, implemented and communicated, as they would otherwise remain hidden.

Taisch/Jungmeister, Der Beitrag der genossenschaftlichen DNA als Basis für Wachstum und Differenzierungsstrategien, in: Laurinkari J./ Schediwy R./ Todev T. (Hrsg.): Genossenschaftswissenschaft zwischen Theorie und Geschichte. Festschrift für Prof. Dr. Johann Brazda zum 60. Geburtstag, pp. 381-415, EHV Academicpress, Bremen, 2014.


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