Kooperative Governance – eine skizzenhafte Annäherung

The IFU I BLI Institute of Corporate Law has carried out a research project to develop the specific requirements of cooperative governance for cooperatives in Switzerland.

The paper discusses key aspects and is based on a lecture by Prof. Dr. Taisch and Prof. (FH) Dr. Jungmeister at the University of Vienna (16.11.2015) on “Cooperative Governance – a sketchy approach, preview towards the International Conference on Cooperative Studies 2016 in Lucerne”.

Taisch, Franco, Jungmeister, Alexander, Fabrizio, Nadja (2016), Kooperative Governance – eine skizzenhafte Annäherung, Heft 39/ 2016, Eigenverlag des FOG, Vorträge und Aufsätze des Forschungsvereins für Genossenschaftswesen, Universität Wien.

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