The IFU I BLI Business Law Institute is an Institute of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lucerne. It was founded 2009 out of the former SME Institute of the University.

We are an interdisciplinary institute at the intersection of law and business administration. Issues from the corporate world are regarded in an integrative way. We are engaged in research, consultancy and teaching.

In particular, we deal with the legal and regulatory business environment of enterprises with emphasis on enterprises with strong personal elements. Our range includes particularly the Swiss, European and international business law, including the private and procedural law, corporate and competition law, intellectual property law, administrative and tax law and social security law.

We study the specific legal issues affecting business in its national, European and international context in theory and practice. We consider, not at least, the fact that the regional economy is directly or indirectly connected closely with the nationwide and global economy.

We are a connector between theory and practice: Through our consulting activities as well as training and information events legal know how is being made available to industry and, at the same time, industry pulses are being incorporated in basic scientific research.

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