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Desciption of swissUp-Indicators

Number of lectures / Lehrangebot

Students commenting on: depth and width of study programmes, research links, international orientation, interactivity of lectures, didactial quality, group and cohort size, link to practice of lectures.

Link to practice/ Praxisbezug

Students commenting on: Supervision quality during practice semester, number of study links to external internships and corporate links, lecturers from corporations,  practice oriented content of lectures
(Law: Comparison for Switzerland only)

Research funds/ Forschungelder

Amount of research funds from outside Government, per researcher and year in CHF, average from 2001-2003, Swiss National Research Fund (SNF), CTI, european Funds, public funds, private funds without consulting mandates(Law: Comparison for Switzerland only)

Number of students per Professor / Studierende pro Profoessor

Number of students per Professor (Law: Comparison for Switzerland only)

General Study Situation/ Studiensituaion insgesamt

Student’s comments on the study situation at the university in general and in their discipline.


BfS Statistics on graduates

The assessment of master graduates of the University of Lucerne, in the 2011 survey of the 2006 graduating class by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BfS), turns out positive. The published data on november 2012 show high participation rates for master graduates of the University of Lucerne, in particular in the field of law.

In a national comparison, the University of Lucerne is on rank two (behind UniFr), with a participation rate of 97% of master graduates. Furthermore, 43% of the graduates are in a leadership position five years after their graduation at the University of Lucerne.


Detailed excerpts from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office on 29 November 2012 published data:


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