Our institute would not be able to do research or knowledge transfer without our corporate sponsors. We thank all corporations for their lasting contribution to our institute.

Strategic and Financial Partners


Raiffeisen is Switzerland’s third largest banking group. Its strength is the local rooting. About 3.6 million Swiss citizens are Raiffeisen customers. Of these, about 1.7 million are cooperative members and therefore joint owner of the Raiffeisen bank.


Fenaco provides farmers with inputs, refines them and brings them to market via the retail chains Volg, LANDI and AGROLA fuels and propellants. The most active farmers are members of an agricultural cooperative (LANDI) and thus co-owner of fenaco.



The Mobiliar is the oldest private insurance company in Switzerland founded in 1826. With over 80 general agencies, the Mobiliar is present in all regions of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. As a cooperative, it operates the insurance business and investment business with long-term appearance.


Mobility has launched the carsharing in Switzerland and operates today a fleet of 2,600 vehicles, which are available around the clock on 1,340 sites across Switzerland on self-service basis.




As the largest residential and building cooperative in switzerland, the ABZ offers more than 10000 people living space. ABZ was founded in 1916 by workers to resolve the acute housing shortage.



IG Genossenschaftsunternehmen

The IGG represents the largest co-operative enterprises in Switzerland and promotes research together with the Competence Center for Cooperatives of the IFU I BLI of the University of Lucerne.


Other Financial Partners


The cooperative anchored Coop Group stays, including its TransGourmet Group, with total sales of 27.8 billion Swiss francs at the forefront of retail companies.


The creditors association Creditreform is a modern, cooperative structured company, who offers exclusive global economic informations and debt collection services. Credit Reform today has a network of about 180 offices in Europe and seven independent regional offices in Switzerland. More than 165,000 companies in Europe are members of credit reform.



The GLB is a cooperative organized construction company headquartered in Langnau, which was founded in 1968 with 88 members and two employees. Today it has 13,000 members and 550 employees. It offers consulting, planning, implementation and financing of single and multi-family homes and rural residential and farm buildings as well as renovations and conversions of all kinds.


The cooperative anchored Migros Group ist the second largest retailer in Switzerland, with a turnover in 2012 of CHF 25 billion. The core business of Migros is retail trade, represented by the outlets of its ten regional cooperatives. Migros devotes every year 1% of its turnover to the fields of culture, education, society, leisure and business.




The Pax Cooperative includes a swiss life insurance company and an investment company. Together they form a strong team, which is based on the values of sustainability, independence and 100% self-financing.




The Swiss Travel Fund Cooperative is a modern, solid company with a social tourism non-profit job. It allows the greatest possible number of families who spend holidays an leisure in Switzerland. With its two business segments Reka Money and Reka Holiday and a turnover of approximately CHF 675 million (2010), it operates a unique product mix for Switzerland.

wir bank

WIR Bank

The WIR Bank is a Swiss SME bank for private and corporate clients, with headquarter in Basel. The primary purpose of the company is the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises. The unique WIR-system serves customers as a marketing tool and offers a wide range of financing options.


SUISA is the cooperative of authors and publishers of music. Around 29 000 composers, authors and music publishers are organized in the cooperative founded in 1923. SUISA mediates copyright reperations for them.



SUISSIMAGE represents the copyrights of authors such as movie scriptwriters and directors, as well as copyright holders right across Switzerland. Reciprocal agreements with more than 60 foreign affiliates in about 30 countries ensure that the use abroad of the copyrights represented by the SUISSIMAGE is compensated. Vice versa the use of foreign permissions is regulated for Switzerland and Liechtenstein through this network.


Project Partners

Luzerner Kantonsspital

The Lucerne Cantonal Hospital LUKS includes the central hospital, the two primary care hospitals in Wolhusen and Sursee and the Lucerne Höhenklinik Montana. As the largest non-university hospital of Switzerland’s hospitals its medical centers and institutes provide medical services of the highest quality.


Kantonsspital St.Gallen

The company Kantonsspital St.Gallen contains the hospitals in St.Gallen, Rorschach and Flawil. Together they offer a wide range of high-quality services and thus provide primary and specialty care in eastern Switzerland.

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