University of Lucerne

The University of Lucerne is a young one. Although its roots reach back as far as 1600, it has only been one of Switzerland’s twelve universities since 2000.

Longterm History

Founded 1579 as a Jesuit Collegium, the Collegium merged 1938 into a School of Theology, the rights to grant academic degrees were given 1970 by Government. 2001 the School of Law was founded and 2011 the new and modern central building was inaugurated. Further Information…

Facts and Figures

2014 the annual budget was 57 Mio CHF with over 2790 students with a high percentage of female students (58%). 2014 the University employed 472 persons, of which 185 are lecturers. Further Information…

Three Faculties, Business Administration ante portas

The University of Lucerne has three faculties and is distinguished by a streamlined and clearly identifiable profile. The three faculties (theology, law, humanities and social sciences) allow the university to focus on three core areas, thereby grouping together its competence in humanities and training law students. The Faculty of Economics and Management is due to open its doors to students in the fall semester of 2016. It was launched on 2 November 2014 when more than 55% of voters in the Canton Lucerne agreed to a revision of the University Law.

Future-Oriented System of Study

The system of study at the University of Lucerne conforms to a pan-European standard in accordance with the Bologna Process model. Studies are arranged according to a three-step system. The bachelor’s degree is awarded after 6 semesters. Students can then acquire a master’s degree after another 3-4 semesters. Subject to achieving the necessary qualification, students can then take up doctoral studies. This system of study has been implemented in all three faculties.

Interdisciplinary, Flexible, Personal

The convenient size of the University of Lucerne provides students with a great degree of freedom and permits innovative subject combinations. Study courses are offered in traditional subjects as well as in overlapping integrated subjects. Students can also combine elements from different faculties. The excellent student support system is a special feature of the University of Lucerne.

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