Based on in-depth analysis and discussions, 2009 the Business Law Institute was newly aligned strategically on the basis of the new regulation of the Business Law Institute on February 18th2009.

Corporate Vision

International leading Institute for enterprises taking into account the legal and regulatory dimension of the corporate environment and its interface to economics and technology.

Corporate Politics

  • Encompassing all contact groups of the Institute of Corporate Law
  • Entering into strategic partnerships with industry, science, media and politic
  • Strong interdisciplinary approach
  • ridging the gap between science and practice
  • Promoting the out-of-the-box thinking for creativity and innovation
  • Ensuring scientific independence and the demand for the highest quality.


Corporate Strategy

Following a basic strategy of thematic leadership in research, teaching and service. On the one hand, understood broadly in terms of general corporate and finance-related issues and on the other hand more deeply focused towards the needs of businesses owned by individuals/persons. We strive for though leadership in the following areas:

Other themes will be addes in opportunistically when they emerge.

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