Corporate Governance and Law for Cooperative Enterprises

“Summer School” – Certificate Course for Executives in Management and Board

The IFU | BLI holds the certificate course “Corporate Governance and Law for Cooperative Enterprises” for executives and board members, from Juni to July 2016. The program includes three modules, which are performed in seven days.

With the liberalization and globalization of markets, the business models of organizations change more rapidly and thus the demands on the Board of Directors and Board mandates. The speed of change in the markets has increased – as have the legal framework and regulatories acting on a company. With the board management training directors are prepared for the challenges ahead and acquire new key competencies so that existing and new directorships can be competently staffed and managed. The certificate is unique in Switzerland.


Prof. (FH) Dr. Alexander Jungmeister

Geschäftsführer / CEO

  • Tel: +41 (0)41 229 53 74
  • Fax: +41 (0)41 229 53 35

Prof. Dr. iur. Franco Taisch

Professor of Business Law / Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Tel: +41 (0)41 229 53 72
  • Fax: +41 (0)41 229 53 35