CAS Corporate Governance, Leadership and Law for Health Care Enterprises

New challenges require an interdisciplinary approach

Market and framework conditions are changing with increasing speed in the present time. Patient needs, technologies, advances in medicine, legal conditions and requirements of other stakeholders are changing rapidly, business fundamentals in corporate governance thus become increasingly important.

To address these challenges, the new CAS “Corporate Governance, Leadership and Law for Health Care Enterprises” was founded in order to provide a legal and economic framework along with basic management knowledge in health care. The so-obtained knowledge for the management of hospitals and other health institutions allow to occupy higher management positions. The certificate course is recognized by the Swiss Institute for medical training and continuing education (SIWF/ISFM).

The CAS RULG was developed in collaboration with the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (LUKS) and is led by an interdisciplinary team by Prof. Dr. Taisch (IFU I BLI Lucerne University) and Dr. Guido Schüpfer (LUKS). Operational responsibility for the implementation of the program is taken by Dr. André Baumgart (LUKS) and Prof. Dr. Alexander FH Jungmeister (IFU I BLI University of Lucerne).

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