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Not to be confused with administrations – and their predominantly sovereign tasks – administrative tasks are characterized by the fact that they offer a range of management services to clearly defined requirements groups and thus are often directly or indirectly exposed to competition in the private sector. Like cooperative companies, public companies also have a personalist element: They are usually led by a political figure who is the head of the company and subject to democratic rules.

Public companies frequently fall through the „net“ of university research as they are neither pure companies nor pure administration, meaning that the corresponding institutes and classical research institutes of other universities often do not have administrative companies „on the radar“ or specifically address the special characteristics of this type of company. Regionalization, associations, municipal and company mergers, regional and national and/or even supra-regional cooperation accelerate the structural change at public companies and thus throw up legal, business administration and political science issues.


Research strategy

The competence center will focus in the coming years amongst others on the following topics:

  • Management in the area of tension public interest, politics and law
  • Areas of activity with regard to legal and regulatory framework conditions for public companies
  • Corporate governance and management structures in public companies
  • Risk management of public companies
  • Financing and financial planning of public companies
  • Structural changes at public companies


Dissertations in detail

“Modern corporate financing, focusing on modern hospital financing”

(Ongoing project, D. Steiger, MLaw, supervision Prof. Dr. F. Taisch

In this dissertation, based on the growing demand in the health sector and the limited opportunities of current hospital financing, new possibilities of hospital financing are to be analyzed and checked for their legal permissibility and feasibility.

For this purpose, generally first the possibilities of a diversified financial planning and a modern company financing are addressed. The development history and the configuration of current hospital financing in Switzerland (and particularly in the canton of Lucerne) are presented and their limits and problem fields highlighted. Finally, the paper focuses on explaining alternative possibilities of hospital financing by providing an opportunities and risk analysis as well as checking the legal permissibility and feasibility.


Master Program

Administration law II (Prof. Dr. B. Rütsche), University of Lucerne

The course deals with the following thematic groups:

  • Administration funds: public dues/public matters/public procurements
  • Regulation under administration law: Regulation instruments such as monopolies, concessions,approvals, subsidies, etc.
  • Enforcement of administration law: Supervision instruments, administration measures, administrative sanctions
  • Legal protection against administrative actions: Primary legal protection (appeal proceedings), state liability, liability for lawful actions (disappropriations)


Publications, scientific conferences and conference papers

  • Rechtsvergleichung im öffentlichen Recht: Auslegungsmethode oder blosse Inspirationsquelle („Law Comparison in Public Law: Interpretation Method or Mere Source of Inspiration“), in: Schmid/Morawa/Heckendorn/Urscheler (publ.), Die Rechtsvergleichung in der Rechtsprechung. Praxis, Legitimität und Methodik („Law Comparison in Legislation. Practice, Legitimacy and Methodology“), p. 121-141, Zurich/Basel/Geneva 2014 (Rütsche)
  • Fiscal Adjustment and the Costs of Public Debt Service, together with Weder, Applied Economics 46, p. 2593-2610, Abingdon, Oxford 2014 (Schaltegger)
  • Austerity, Inequality and Politics, together with Weder, European Journal of Political Economy 35, p. 1-22, Maryland Heights 2014 (Schaltegger)
  • Föderalismus und Subsidiarität („Federalism and Subsidiarity“), together with Winistörfer, Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter 61, p. 67-80 2014, Vienna 2014 (Schaltegger)

Public relations, media, politics and society

  • Die schleichende Zentralisierung im Bundesstaat („Creeping centralisation in the federal state“), in: Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zurich, 14.11.2014 (Schaltegger/Winistörfer)
  • Die soziale Frage („The social question“), in: Schweizer Monat, p. 16-20, Zurich, special topic September 2014, (Schaltegger)
  • Der Anleihemarkt als Spiegel der Bedrohungslage („The bond market as a reflection of the threat situation“, in: Neue Zürcher Zeitung, special supplement on the First World War, p.6, Zurich, 28.6.2014, and in: Ökonomenstimme, 30.6.2014 (Schaltegger/Schmid)



An intensification of the research work in the area of administrative companies and law is planned in 2015. On the basis of a requirements analysis with two cities, an interdisciplinary course of training (political science, law, business administration, politics) for executives of administrative companies is envisaged.

The multi-day interdisciplinary training (medicine, ethics, business administration, law) for chief physicians and executives of St. Gallen cantonal hospital (KSSG) as well as the CAS RULG for the cantonal hospital in Lucerne (LUKS) will be continued in 2015. The conceptual planning of the competence center public companies and its services will be continued in 2015.

University Publications

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