Knowledge Transfer


With the change in modern economies from a resource-based to a knowledge-based production, many companies have recognized “knowledge” and “innovation” as key factors for growth and development. The creation of new jobs and increasing value added goes hand in hand with the successful management of knowledge resources. In this regard the promotion of “knowledge transfer” gets more important.

The IFU I BLI offers knowledge transfer for enhanced cooperation between industry and university. In particular, the open innovation approach for the development of entrepreneurial value is based on the joint cooperation with the IFU I BLI. The institute serves as a successful access point to external ideas.

Various forms of knowledge transfers:

  • Business – Legal alignment
  • Advisory mandates
  • Expert opinions on specific topics
  • Research projects of companies in various fields of science
  • Internships for specific research projects

Our specialty lies in the intersection of corporate law and corporate governance, as well in projects in our competence centers: Cooperative companies, State Owned Enterprises, Family Business, Leadership and Law, Financial Markets and Healthcare Enterprises.

The IFU I BLI welcomes your inquiries to knowledge transfers and research projects.

For more information, please contact: Prof. (FH) Dr. Alexander Jungmeister