Our Approach

Value Generation and Impact

In our understanding Knowledge Transfer projects are not intended to be entertainment for your valuable workforce. We think the money spend for these programs has to have business acumen and impact while improving the bottom line of your corporation.

Enabling Change

In complex and often unsecure business environments we listen carefully to your needs – and shape the education and implementation program in a way, that a maximum impact will be the result. We work closely with an array of successful partnerships of international universites and corporations to create an inspiring learning environment focused on clear deliveries. Typically we face business challenges like these:

  • Reducing and managing risk
  • Protect and securing assets
  • Reducing liabilities and obligations
  • Initiate new business models, units, strategies
  • Leverage existing value streams
  • Shaping value for multiple stakeholders
  • Dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Sustainable restructuring around new value chains
  • Creating a customer-focused organization
  • Executing strategic initiatives resulting in a higher performance

You are at the center of our designs

Many university faculty have a production orientation and try to leverage on what they teach or research while offering this knowledge as a corner stone around every offering they make. Our approach is different: we look at manifest or hidden needs in your corporation and design projects with impact for your business unit. The professors expertise in a special field comes in later, when the needs of the corporation/project is clearly identified.

Get the other perspective in – true integration

We design joint projects in knowledge transfer around the customer’s need and vary focus, length and structure depending upon the desired impact and corporate availabiblity of ressources. Nevertheless all our projects have usually an integrative approach, which may include fields of management and law as well as sociological and ethical/theological aspects, which draw on a strong tradition in Lucerne since 1576. Innovation and creative solutions very often are born along the intersection of existing disciplines.

We live what we teach

Our faculty has run business units and companies themselves including entrepreneurial experiences and continuously interacts with the corporate world. This leads to a deep understanding of clients’ problems based on a multitude of successful projects and experience. Our professors have long-standing records not only as excellent researchers but also as entrepreneurs, consultants, board members and lecturers in executive education. Therefore they have an intuitive understanding of the most pressing challenges companies face today and support businesses in overcoming those difficulties. In blending their research with a constant business dialogue, faculty members provide our clients with cutting edge analysis and exploration, as well as a wealth of first hand experiences and examples.